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      Cognitive analytics, innovative technologies and the ability to help transform organizations place Codestrek ahead of the competition.

    Stop thinking about IoT solutions.

    Start building IoT solutions that think.

There are business solutions that work with data, and there are business solutions that put data to work for you.

Codestrek IoT Platform is designed to simplify cognitive IoT development so you can harness the full potential of the Internet of Things.

    IoT Platform — easy-to-use, secure and scalable so you

    can start small and grow quickly.

Logic Apps gives you a robust set of capabilities that make it easier to unlock data from behind the firewall, securely connect to cloud-based services and take advantage of rich integration without having to migrate away from the on-premises systems in which you have already invested.

    Integrated solutions at a glance

Change a business need into a competitive differentiator by integrating Codestrek IoT Platform with traditional systems.

    Transform the way business works using data, cognitive

    computing and Watson IoT Platform.

Use the power of Codestrek IoT Platform’s cognitive engine to build specialized, integrated solutions to solve your industry and business challenges.

    Blurring the line between industries

What does IoT mean to your business?

We have identified IoT zones where we believe Codestrek IoT has the potential to fundamentally change the world as we know it.

    What is the Internet of Things and why does it matter?

The Internet of Things is now a reality due to the convergence of several technologies.

A “thing” is any object with embedded electronics that can transfer data over a network — without any human interaction.

By combining IoT data with cognitive computing, businesses can extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models.

Examples are wearable devices, environmental sensors, machinery in factories, devices in homes and buildings or components in a vehicle.