Codestrek -Servicemax



 License cost $700/- USD/user/year* (billed annually) + $6,300/-(Implementation charge)


Installed Base Management

Customers receive product up-time, instead of routine repair and opportunities for new service offerings abound. You exceed customer expectations and revenue goals. ServiceMax has the capabilities to help you get proactive and sell more services.

Warranties & Contracts

Flexible and simple maintenance of warranty plans and service contracts drive greater revenues and customer loyalty. From entitlements and installed base visibility to accurate pricing in the field, ServiceMax ensures profitability.

Service Requests & Work Orders

Whether customers dial your support number, requests service online or an IoT enabled device sends an alert to a technician – with ServiceMax field service teams are always ready to respond quickly.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Not only do the right technicians show up on time, they have everything they need to fix the issue the first time. ServiceMax has the scheduling options to improve productivity, reduce costs and delight customers.

Mobile Field Service Management

Everything for the job is in hand, the work is completed quickly and every piece of the service experience is thorough and accurate for back-office administration and invoicing. The customer is delighted. ServiceMax helps deliver consistent service customers rely on.

Parts Management

All parts and products are where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there – no delays, no stock outs, no overstock. ServiceMax manages your service parts from vendor to customer and back again.

Returns Management & Depot Repair

Your service network is modeled with complete supply chain routes to automatically speed returns through multiple depots and locations. With ServiceMax, returns for refurbishment and spares are optimized.

Work Order Close Out

The service is complete, all work is quoted correctly and time and materials are recorded accurately. The customer happily signs off on all work done to ensure a fast payment. No overtime, no repeat visits needed. ServiceMax helps your technicians and engineers get on to the next job quickly.

Insights from Reporting & Analytics

Information is clear and actionable – driving service teams to collaborate, make the right decisions, and do their best work. ServiceMax lets you measure, manage and perform easily with the right performance metrics for your business.