License cost $3,200/- USD/user/year* (billed annually) + $6,300/-(Implementation charge)


Mule runtime engine

Mule is the runtime engine of Anypoint Platform. It is the industry’s only unified platform that combines data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs with hybrid deployment options for maximum flexibility.

Anypoint Design Center

Offers low-friction development tools that make it easy to design and test APIs, implement data and application integration flows, and build connectors.


Anypoint Management Center

A single unified web interface is all you will need to administer all aspects of Anypoint Platform on-prem and in the cloud. Manage API users, analyze traffic, monitor SLAs, troubleshoot underlying integration flows, and more.

Anypoint Connectors

Connect any endpoints with connectors from MuleSoft’s ecosystem, or by using dynamic connectivity to API specifications. You can even build your own reusable connectors with Anypoint Connector DevKit.

Anypoint Exchange

Home to the complete listing of connectors, templates, examples and APIs.

Discover and use proven assets built by the MuleSoft ecosystem, or add assets to a private

tenant of Anypoint Exchange for collaboration and sharing of internal best practices.

Platform services

Both in the cloud and on-premises, MuleSoft provides a comprehensive suite of platform services to speed, scale, and secure Anypoint Platform.